Alfurqan Campaign Evaluation

Dear Umrah pilgrims.It was our pleasure to serve you during "Your life time umrah",and we hope that you had a joyous time od pilgrimage to Umrah.Kindly answer all the following questions in order to develop our services to better serve you nex time.

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Campaign Evaluation

1 - AL-FURQAN Campaign reputation

2 - Commitment to agreed Services (Credibility)

3 - Employees way of treatment

4 - Accessibility to AL-FURQAN Campaign Office

5 - Supervisors Efficiency

6 - Umrah's Durations and timings

7 - Level of transportation

8 - Hotel accommodation

9 - Include services

10 - Include trips

11 - Price of services

12 - Ease of booking and regulations

1- How did you Know about AL-FURQAN?

2- What are the key advantages in AL-FURQAN campaign and its Umrah trips?

3- What are the key disadvantages in AL-FURQAN campaign and its Umrah trips?

4- What are suggestions for AL-FURQAN campaign to better serve its customers of Umrah pigrims?

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