Alfurqan Campaign Evaluation(Visa Procedures customers)

Dear Umrah pilgrims. It was our pleasure to serve you during “Visa procedures”, and we hope that you had a joyous time of pilgrimage to Umrah. We’d appreciate it if you could assist us in developing our services to better serve you the next time by evaluating the following factors according to your experience with our company:

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Campaign Evaluation

1 - AL-FURQAN Campaign reputation

2 - Ease of communicate with AL-FURQAN Campaign Office

3 - Accessibility to AL-FURQAN campaign office

4 - Campaign office supplies level

5 - Employees‘way of treatment

6 - Employees' attention & answer your inquiries

7 - Following up and & communicate with you

8 - Price range of services

9 - Ease of booking and regulations

10 - Commitment to agreed services (Credibility)

11-الخدمات والفقرات التي يشملها البرنامج

12 - Commitment to dates and visa delivery

1- How did you Know about AL-FURQAN?

2- What are the key advantages in AL-FURQAN campaign and its Umrah trips?

3- What are the key disadvantages in AL-FURQAN campaign and its Umrah trips?

4- What are suggestions for AL-FURQAN campaign to better serve its customers of Umrah pigrims?

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