Masjid al Jinn

Masjid Jinn is also known as Masjid Haras or Masjid Bayah. This Masjid is built on the point where Abdullah ibn Masood belssings of Allah upon him stopped on the command of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when they went to meet Jinns who wanted to embrace Islam. The event which led to the building of this masjid is narrated in Hadith by Abdullah ibn Masood in two slightly different ways. "While in Makkah once Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him asked Sahaba blessings of Allah be upon them 'Whoever wishes to see jinn who they are all, should come along.' "Beside me no one else came". When we reached Maua'ala district of Makkah, Prophet peace be upon him draw a circle on the ground with his foot and instructed me to sit inside it. He proceeded a little and then started reciting Quran and just then jinn started to arrive in troops. So many of them gathered around Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that I couldn’t see nor hear him. Prophet stayed and talked with jinns till Fajar. [Tafseer ibn Kathir] In Sahih Muslim it is narrated by Ibn Masood that Prophet peace be upon him said "A caller from Jinns came to me, and I went with him and recited Quran to them." He further narrates that Prophet peace be upon him took him and showed him their footsteps and traces of their fire. Sahaba may allah be pleased with them asked the Prophet peace be upon him about their food and provision. He prayed to Allah and told them, "You will have every bone over which the name of Allah has been mentioned; when it falls into your hands it will have plenty of meat on it. And all droppings are food for your animals.” The prophet peace be upon him also said, "Do not use them (bones and dung) to clean yourselves after relieving yourselves, for they are the food of your brothers.” it's also said that Surah Al Jinn revealed there "Say, [O Muhammad], "It has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listened and said, 'Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur'an.( 1 ) It guides to the right course, and we have believed in it. And we will never associate with our Lord anyone. ( 2 ) " [72:1,2]

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