Suqia Mosque

Suqia mosque is located inside the Anbariya train station. When the Prophet peace be upon him departed for the battle of Badr he stopped here, performed ablution and offered prayer. Then, he supplicated for the dwellers of Madinah and paraded his forces. Towards the south of the mosque, just outside the boundary wall of the railway station was a well which belonged to Saad ibn Abi Waqqas blessing of Allah upon him. On his way to the battle of Badr the Prophet peace be upon him performed ablution with its water and water was drawn from here for him to drink. The Prophet peace be upon him also made du’a here for Barakah for Madinah. There are numerous variations of this du’a, possibly the one that was made at the time could have been the following. Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Zaid: The Prophet peace be upon him said,“The Prophet Ebrahim made Makkah a sanctuary, and asked for Allah’s blessing in it. I made Madinah a sanctuary as Ebrahim made Makkah a sanctuary and I asked for Allah’s Blessing in its measures the mudd’ and the sa’ (units of measurement) as Ebrahim did for Makkah”, “O Allah! Bless them in their measure, and bless them in their sa’ and mudd’.”He meant the people of Madin

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