About Us

What do you mean Furqan campaign for Umrah? Experience spanning more than 15 years in organizing trips Umrah Bahrain. We have provided services to more than 30,000 pilgrims We organized more than 360 Umrah trip. Large companies and government institutions in Bahrain trust us and deal with us. The diversity of programs and services that fit pilgrims

Our History

Alfurqan Umrah began to serve the pilgrims, in Kingdome of Bahrain, on 2001 as an outstanding and a leading name at pilgrim service throughout the past decade. We constantly strive to be excellent in our services, to do so we developed our skills, trained our staff using consultancy marketing companies experiences to go beyond pilgrims' satisfaction expectations. We surely seek to provide the best means of comfort to the pilgrims, which clearly noticed through the annual increase of Alfurqan Mu'tamers record. Ultimately, we ask Allah the Exalted to guide us serving pilgrims the way would please him.

Our Vision

Alfurqan Umrah Your Life Time Umrah

Being excellent, ideal at serving pligrims no matter what is your expectations, we relentlessly go beyond.

Our Goals

Constantly looking forward highest quality standards of pilgrim service by developing our services and providing best comfort means.

Provide the pilgrim with the islamic guidance that he would need.

To be the best campaign of Umrah in our beloved Kingdom of Bahrain